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Welcome to my homepage! This site is designed to show the viewer some samples of completed work. It is also used to give information on my current, marketable job skills.

The Philosophy behind my work is to make clean, easy to navigate sites that do not cause confusion. Another important factor is cross browser compatibility. This is achieved through clean html.

By avoiding fancy scripts that work only in one browser, the user can more easily navigate the sites without the use of too much "eye candy". Also, all websites created are easily navigated with text-only browsers.

My current projects are quite diverse. The sites range from Boy Scout sites to Food sites. Making the same type of sites creates a boring trend. Feel free to browse this site; it is constantly being updated to include new projects and current projects.

About the Websites:

UTA Distinguished Teachers
   Designed for UTA's teachers that receive many teaching excellence awards
   and then are inducted to the UTA Distinguished Teachers group.

UTA Engineering CD ROM
   This site complimented the printed version and the website. It is the UTA Engineering's
   Annual Report. Alongside Publications, Video and AV Services Produced the CD ROM and    the website versions.

UTA Masterplan 1999-2020
   This website complimented the printed version.

UTA Engineering Web Site
  Designed in cooperation with Video Services; is part of CD ROM and printed catalogue.

Video Services Home
   Responsible for maintenance and creation of new portions of current site.

UTA Riverbend Web Site
   Designed in cooperation with Video Services; students use this site to view information
   on the UTA/FT Worth Riverbend Campus.

Music Department Newsletter
   This website complimented the printed version.

Indian Casino Guide
   One of my favorite sites. This project was completed within a short time.

Boy Scouts Troop 56
   Even the Boy Scouts of America need a website!

Xina Foods International
   This site is a traditional blend of West meets East...

The Cater Store
   Several stores under this umbrella store. Catering anyone?

The University of Texas at Arlington School of Education
   Currently my largest website redesign. Working alongside my current boss and project
   manager, this site is due for completion soon.

Sorrow Is Ungraceful
   This is one of my first websites. It is currently on the back burner and is still in some
   experimental stages. But, the site is complete.

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Mad Cow Records
Vero International

Need more information? Contact me at: kinzerkat@yahoo.com